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VARIODRIVE – Your Motion Control Provider

We deliver components as well as complete solutions for Motion Control, industrial automation, traction drive systems, mobile (battery powered) automation and coupling technique. The components can be standard, but most of the time they are suited to your specification and use. Systems are fully custom engineered  

A team of specialists unburdens you on every area of your motion control application. In the design phase our application engineers support your development process with custom-made calculations, selection and examples. During the delivery and commissioning you can count on us for commissioning of the equipment, software realization and troubleshooting, as well as on location as from a distance. Also during the life cyclus you can count on us for service and repair.  

Guarantee for correct operation

As well as for motion control, industrial automation as for traction drive systems we provide our services as added value. You order the solution at VARIODRIVE, we deliver it and guarantee the correct operation and performance. We will not finish your project before this is established.   

Part of Indutrade

VARIODRIVE is part of Indutrade, a Swedish group of companies who is specialized in the B2B sector in high quality technical products and solutions. VARIODRIVE has an enthusiast team of inspired engineers and technicians, supported by an administrative department who punctual handles your orders and deliveries. We do this already for more than 25 years.  

(Our) Vision

To drive motion technology 

(Our) Mission

Our mission is to deliver complete systems for motion control application. The most important in this process is a longterm relationship and unburdening the customer. Among our staff members collaboration is very important and there is a lot of room for development. This also applies to our organization, in which flexibility, innovation and sustainability are not only terms for VARIODRIVE, but real verbs.  


We aim that our employees commit themselves continuously full of passion and fun to come to the best solution for our customers.  We make that work by providing safety, trust and responsibility, but also the needed resources and freedom to act.

We continuously build trust in all our relationships by keeping a good collaboration, achieving and maintaining the partnership with honest communication with the focus on the intended result.

We think highly of the evolvement of our organization but also our team in a changing digital world. We will achieve this by continuously improve and renew products and processes.

We recognize and realize that a healthy financial growth will always be essential to have enough resources available to innovate and to develop ourselves further.

We believe that it is a necessity to handle resources, humans and society in a sustainable way, in that way future generations can also enjoy the earth for a long time. Therefore we want and will commit ourselves 100%.


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Our services

Designing motion control technology for your application, where we look at the integration of hardware and software, is daily work for VARIODRIVE as a specialist in drive and control technology. Support during your development, engineering and commissioning process is provided by our application engineers. The assembly of specific components or assemblies is carried out by our assembly department. For the delivery of the system components to you, we make logistical agreements about stocks and delivery times.


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