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VARIODRIVE cooperates with a limited group of top manufacturers. In this way we can serve you as a customer in an optimal way with products of which we have built up a great deal of knowledge. And where we work together with manufacturers which we know very well, in such a way that we can get something special done in case that is needed for your application 


When you say motion, you say PARKER. From actuator to servomotor, from automation to visualization tools: all motion control products and services are available at this world player. For years VARIODRIVE is the official PARKER distributor for the Benelux for all electromechanical and motion control products.  


The German champion of precision couplings, R+W, has been supplying precision and safety couplings for the machine building for decades. VARIODRIVE is partner of R+W since the company was founded. The heavier industry segment is also served with couplings up to 2000 kNm, by which R+W has a solution for every coupling application.  


In Italy recognized as frontrunner in technology for traction vehicles AMER delivers a wide range of traction systems, motors and motor reductors for everything that drives on battery. Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking mark the approach of every application: “custom is our standard”. An approach which we share with AMER from 1997 on.  


SIR doesn’t want to deliver a standard actuator that you can buy anywhere, is there motto. Do you want something that matches your application 100%? SIR designs and manufactures the actuator solution for a favorable price. VARIODRIVE already fulfilled several applications with the linear actuators of this sister company of AMER.  


To get the full performance out of the AMER motors, ITALSEA supplies advanced motor controller systems. All types and motor models can be controlled. And if ITALSEA doesn’t have the solution yet, they will develop it. This specialist in electronic solutions is represented by VARIODRIVE since 1997.  


Gründlichheit und Pünktlichkeit; frequently used words to recommend a German quality product. Here they are authentic; in the products and services of the independent automation system supplier BERGHOF. In her customer approach everything comes together in the BERGHOF motto: “Not mass, but class”. Individual solutions, composed from standard components, supported by VARIODRIVE.  


The hightech control supplier ACS Motion Control is on top in semiconductor, electronics, optic industry and laser industry for decades. The driven and brilliant engineers will not fear and figure out, together with her customers and VARIODRIVE, every complex motion control problem. With that they mostly deliver more performance than promised! 


Integration in Motion; with this motto the Danish pioneer in integrated motors, JVL, supplies a wide range step- and servomotors with integrated electronics. All modern interfaces and fieldbus systems are available. VARIODRIVE combines this with her controls and actuators to a complete motion control solution for production automation.  


Solid as a rock; the granite positioning systems of BUSCH Microsystems are extreme stable and precise. Everything is build and engineered by customization. Only the precision is standard, everything else is made to measure. Together with the ACS controls VARIODRIVE supplies the BUSCH systems in the high-tech industry 


“We were told this couldn’t be done, and then we do it. The AIREX approach is simple and dedicated. As specialist since 1961 the experienced company offers a complete range of linear motors. VARIODRIVE combines these with her motion control products to offer a complete solution.  


Extremely powerful and at the same time precise; two characteristics which are difficult to unite. In her patented actuators with rolls ORTLIEB manages this after all. VARIODRIVE combines these actuators with her control systems to complete solutions for automation, including software and service.  


When we assemble a gearbox or contracting box to our motors, then this preferably is from APEX. The product pallet of this Taiwanese quality manufacturer is very wide. ATEX, stainless steel, small or smallest clearance possible, everything is possible without extreme costs. Combined with short delivery times and good service APEX is a natural partner from VARIODRIVE.  


German quality, that is miControl. Their systems are characterized by their compact design with high power density in the smallest space. With more than 20 years of experience a solid supplier of VARIODRIVE. 


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