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Software Development

Because of the demand for higher quality of products and more efficiency in production processes automation is becoming more and more important. Also within the electric drive technology innovative control systems provide continuously better performance of products and systems.  

As specialist in motion control technology VARIODRIVE supplies complete automation systems specifically for applications within motion control technology. We develop the needed systems together with you based on the specifications and develop the needed application software that goes with it. VARIODRIVE has the application engineers and the needed experience to realize your application.

Some examples are:  

  • High precision gantry systems 
  • Tension control systems 
  • Delta robots 
  • Industrial 3D printers 
  • AGV drive and steering 
  • Laser engrave machines 
  • Packing systems 
  • Metalworking machines 
  • Pick and place systems 

Testing and validation

During the development of the software we use extended test facilities at VARIODRIVE and, when needed, we create (or together with you) as test model of the application. In that way the software can be tested and validated as effective as possible and eventually being installed. When you want to develop the application software yourself, our application engineers are there for you to guide you through every phase of the process. For the various drive situations we have software examples available which will give your own engineers a running start.  

Application software as customization

The application software is developed using a CODESYS conform IEC61131-3 for the PARKER and BERGHOF motion control systems. For the ACS Motion Control steering systems de ACSPL+ programming software is used. VARIODRIVE can create the complete application software for you. A functional description forms the basis for the development of the application software and the validation path that will be set up according to customer specification.  

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