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There are many types of mobile traction systems. With the package from Parker and AMER, VARIODRIVE has a complete solution for mobile applications. The most important models are the transaxle, the wheel motor, the motor with gearbox and the motors for mobile traction or Electro-Hydraulic Pump (EHP) drives. The transaxle is a ready-made unit including gearbox and differential. In a wheel motor, the direct current motor (PMDC or BLDC) with gearbox is built directly into the wheel, very suitable for the AGV. The gearbox motor is modular; the PM motor or BL version can be coupled to a separate gearbox. 

The GVM motors can be used as a mobile traction drive or can be fitted directly with a Parker hydraulic pump. 

VARIODRIVE has been a specialist in the field of mobile electric drive systems for 25 years and supplies all these traction drives fully custom-engineered and selected. 

VARIODRIVE also supplies complete regulators and controls from Parker, ITALSEA and Berghof, both in low voltage and high voltage. With these control systems a complete solution can be realized for a vehicle. 

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Traction Motors
For complete vehicle and AGV systems
Motion Control Componenten
Traction Electronics Control
For the right controller and power
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Steering systems
For the right direction and destination
Motion Control Componenten
For adjustments, tilting and lifting applications and general adjustment mechanisms in mechanical engineering

Our industries

VARIODRIVE is an all-rounder when it comes to motion control technology and operates in almost every industry. Below we illustrate some industries in which we realized several applications. This can be with specific components or with a complete working system. Our customers experience the added value in this.  


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