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Mechanical linear steering systems

VARIODRIVE offers linear steering systems for flexible and scalable steering of traction vehicles and AGVs. With a linear actuator from PARKER, the steering axis of the vehicle is turned, this can be done via a linkage or with a direct coupling.

The measurement of the steering position can be done directly on the steering axle with a rotating sensor. We can also measure very practically (and economically) on the drive motor on the linear actuator. By converting this indirect position, we know how to determine the steering position very precisely. An additional advantage is the simple cabling.

The most recent steering force and steering speed can be determined with the choice of the actuator type and its drive. VARIODRIVE has various options for this. The motor control of the control actuator can be realized with a battery-powered controller from the mcDSA range of MiControl. The actuator can also be equipped with a motor with a built-in controller from JVL. This simplifies the system and makes it robust. The vehicle control can be made fully automatic with our advanced BERGHOF controllers, which can be monitored and read remotely.

VARIODRIVE has a lot of experience in steering systems. Ask our engineers for advice, we are happy to share our expertise.


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