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How can I place an order at VARIODRIVE?

You can place an order at VARIODRIVE by sending your order to Directly after that your order will be processed by our back office employees.  

Why would I choose a total solution of VARIODRIVE?

By choosing a total solution of VARIODRIVE you don’t have to worry about the integration of different drive components in the drive chain of a machine. We stand behind our total solution and we can guarantee the operation for this.  

Why would I choose for the system warranty of VARIODRIVE?

Because we have extensive knowledge of our products and product integration in applications we can provide for system warranty. At that moment we guarantee that the application operates correctly with commitment of our solution in the area of motion control and traction applications.  

How do I know which motor to choose? To what should I pay attention when choosing a motor?
Depending on your application you can choose a rotating or linear servo motor. You can combine the rotating servo motor with a gearbox or a linear timing belt or spindle actuator. To make the right choice we can make a customized selection for you, contact and we make this work.  
Which linear actuator suits my application the best?

For long stroke and/or high speed where accuracy is not paramount, choose a toothed belt driven actuator or rack/pinion combination. Choose a spindle actuator for higher forces and accuracies. The actuator variants are available in a version that is self-supporting or suitable for a machine frame. 

How can I download 3D drawings?

You can download 3D files for the most products on the specific product page. Is the desired 3D file not listed? Contact and we will send you the 3D file as soon as possible.  

Why would I choose AC traction or DC traction motors?

Brush-holding motors (DC traction) are easy to connect and maintain, but the efficiency is lower than with brushless motors. If you want a higher efficiency, little maintenance and more control options, choose a brushless (AC traction) motor. 

How can I download software?

For the most products you can download the needed configuration software on our website on the specific product page. For some products this is not possible, in that case you can contact and we will help you as soon as possible.  

Why would I choose a servo motor?

Are you looking for a compact motor with high efficiency and accuracy? In that case a servo motor is the right choice. We have various construction forms in our product range and with these we always find a suitable motor.  

Why would I choose for a stepper motor with integrated electronics?

Are you looking for a compact drive without high dynamics and accuracy? Then our stepper motors with built-in electronics are the right choice. Very compact and equipped with an absolute encoder, each motor can be equipped with a fieldbus such as EtherCAT, Profinet etc. 

Why would I choose a spindle?

Do you have high power or high accuracy with low speed? Then choose a spindle drive in combination with a servo motor. 

Why would I choose a timing belt?

Do you have high accelerations and speeds and are accuracies of 0.05 mm sufficient? Then choose a toothed belt unit in combination with a servo motor or step motor with built-in electronics. 

When are limit switches not necessary?

Many feedback systems are multiturn absolute, software limits are then sufficient and homing of the machine at start-up is not necessary. This saves start-up time, cabling and reduces the chance of failure. 

How do I know which coupling to choose? To what should I pay attention when choosing a coupling?

Do you want a high drive stiffness? Then choose a bellows coupling. Do you want more damping in your application or do you have a small misalignment? Then choose an elastomer coupling. Both the bellows and elastomer coupling are divisible or available as an intermediate shaft. 

Which supply voltages are possible?

We have a suitable solution for every supply voltage from 12 VDC to 480 VAC. 

Why are there so many different speeds for each servomotor? What's the point of this?

By correctly matching your servomotor, you can in most cases use a smaller servodrive, which means that the costs are lower. 

How do I assemble a gearbox to a motor?

First make all mounting surfaces of the axle and axle hole grease-free. Then install the motor bolts and after that, tighten the clamping hub with the correct torque. Detailed instructions are listed on our product pages. 

To what should I pay attention when assembling a servo motor?

When mounting a servomotor, take the radial and axial shaft loads into account. 

Which communication bus systems are possible with JVL motors?

Profinet bus / Ethercat / Ethernet IP / DeviceNet / SerCos / POWERLINK / CanOpen / RS485 / RS232 


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